Hopefully this is along the lines of what you’re looking for: It feels like, for the non-superheroes you’ve listed (James Bond, Samus Aran, etc.), that they just ARE “heroic.” It’s a part of their identity, personality, lifestyle, what-have-you. Superheroes, on the other hand, BECOME. There is the alter-ego versus the superhero. For example, say, Bruce Wayne, citizen of Gotham — who is one with and apart from Batman, defender of Gotham. But how do we get Batman from Bruce? The Origin Story. The Origin Story creates the superhero. The Origin Story is the superhero’s reason for being, and it is our reason to believe that the superhero IS just that — super. Larger than life. Powerful. Intriguing! James Bond has cool gadgets and does cool stuff. Samus Aran has a giant gun and shoots aliens. It’s as simple as that for understanding heroes. But for superheroes, we need that little bridge between the humble alter-ego… the person maybe somehow like us… and the hero who rises to fight impossible evils and to experience wild adventures. It makes them that much more awe-inspiring a figure.