e46. Black Superheroes and Representation

(Note: This episode initially contained a corrupted audio file. It has been cleaned up and reuploaded. The current uploaded version should have better sound. Sorry for the inconvenience)

As we close out February and Black History month, we thought that it would be a fun idea to talk about the importance of representation, diversity and inclusivity in superheroes. How important is it? What does it all mean? And what do you do when you run into a guy on the internet who gives you the same old “this is just more of the liberal SJW agenda being shoved down our throats. Superheroes shouldn’t be about politics. They should be for everyone… you know white dudes! Everyone!!!” argument? Well, we’re going to try to help you out. Wayne and Mav are joined by a returning Marcel Walker and newcomer to the show, JR Poole, to discuss the history of black superheroes from The Falcon to Black Panther and even Muhammed Ali and Barack Obama, as well as the importance of racial and ethnic diversity in comics and other superhero media.

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