So… this is sort of a stretch, but X-Files. A majority of that show involves government conspiracies & cover-ups, and while it’s not necessarily a “feel good government” it does have a government that isn’t inept. It’s a government that you can go, “oh wow, they are up to some shady stuff with some black ooze.”

If we had X-Files with today’s government (and they vaguely touch on it in the revival) Trump would be bragging on Twitter about how we have the best black ooze, better than Russia’s black ooze even, and how we have several human/alien hybrids embedded in various countries across the globe.

Its humorous how many TV shows have to make up a President or Gov’t because the current regime flies in the face of what so many of those shows are about. Could you even imagine them trying to write Parks & Rec episodes in our modern era? Leslie goes to DC and meets Mike Pence instead of Joe Biden? Yikes!