Call For Comments: The Long Con

Comic Book conventions began as small gatherings of fans in the days before comic book stores and the internet provided a community for those in the hobby. The earliest shows were mainly places to find back issues to buy and trade. Professional writers and artists began to be featured as guests and many people wore costumes of their favorite characters, though this was mostly limited to a costume contest instead of the whole weekend.

Since then the convention experience has transformed into multimedia extravaganzas, with many celebrity guests, cosplay, panel discussions, academic papers, and the interest of Hollywood. They have splintered into specialty cons for Manga, Furries, SciFi, Horror, and any other niche you can think of.

Mav and I will be recording the next episode of the Vox Populorum podcast live at the 3 Rivers Comicon. We’ll be discussing the changing face of the fan convention at 2PM on Saturday, May 19. We’ll be reminiscing, analyzing, and speculating on the future of cons. Come to listen, or with questions so that you can participate.

In the meantime, as always, let us know what you think here on the blog. Share your con experiences, and let us know what you want us to talk about because, y’know, Mav and I are shy and don’t say much left to our own devices.

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