e121. The Improv Story Game

We’ve had such a long string of super serious shows lately with some very heavy topics that we’ve been wanting to try and do some things that were more fun, laid back and… well, silly! This week is Mav’s birthday, and rather than sit around and discuss any of the dozen ways that the world is literally on fire, he decided that it’d be fun to play a game… but a game that still had an aspect of pseudo-academic pop culture analysis with drinking and swearing. So this week, Mav, Hannah and Wayne invite back returning guests Josh Stroud and Andrew Darowski to play a game that is quite popular on Andrew’s podcast, the random story generator. It’s a game you can play at home as well. Andrew picks a collection of story elements at random (genre, author/director, setting/theme, and wildcard) and everyone else has to collaborate to come up with a pitch for a movie that fulfills those requirements. We think we came up with some good ideas, so give it a listen and let us know which of these you would most like to see. Or, could you come up with a better idea on your own? Let us know in the comments!

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