e300. The 2024 Box Office Draft

Somehow we’ve been making this show for 300 episodes! We can’t believe it either! And what better way to celebrate that than doing one of our very favorite regular episodes? It’s time for our annual Box Office Draft! But first we have to deal with the results of last year’s box office game. So, on today’s episode, the entire VoxPopcast crew — Mav, Hannah, Wayne, Monica, and Katya — are joined by returning guest, draft commissioner Stephanie Siler, to announce the winner of last years nail-biting-down-to-the-last-minute competition. 2023 was the most exciting the game has ever been. Without exaggeration, it literally came down to the very last day of the year to pick a winner in our game.

Then, once last year is settled, we’re going to draft our entire slate of 2024 films. We’ll preview our expectations for 75 different films that are expected (more or less) over the course of the year. So listen and see what we’re looking forward to, what we’re afraid of, and what we’re picking just for comedy value, then let us know what your selections would have been and whether you are looking forward to any of the movies we are in the comments.

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