e136. Describing 14 Films We Haven’t Seen

In a world where four podcasters are exhausted from the never ended horrific news cycle of politics, racial tensions, pestilence and death that has been the year 2020, these weary souls decide to take one week away from serious pseudo academic pop culture analysis with drinking and swearing and do… goofy pseudo academic pop culture analysis with drinking and swearing. Well, even goofier than normal. On this week’s show we play a game. As regular listeners of the show know, Hannah and Mav are much bigger movie buffs (nerds) than Katya and Wayne. So we decided it would be fun to see just how well Katya and Wayne could describe films from the IMDB Top 250 and get Mav and Hannah to guess what they are. The catch is, Wayne and Katya haven’t any of the movies. Listen and play along and see if you can do any better than Mav and Hannah and let us know in the comments.

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