e161. Describing 20 Games We Haven’t Played

Do you like to play games? We do. And Hannah really likes to play games. In fact, she’s addicted. So much so that she made a game about games… and forced the rest of us to play. Seriously… there were horrible threats… people’s families were in danger. Someone might have lost a little finger. On this week’s episode, Mav, Katya and our returning guests Josh Stroud and Steph Siler, must accurately describe and review new 20 board games that Hannah has chosen, despite the fact that we’ve never heard of any of them. She’s chosen the games based purely on their descriptions on boardgamegeek.com. Games we haven’t played! But we’re going to review them anyway, because what could be more internet than that? It’s a fun and carefree discussion, so play along! How many of the games have you heard of? How many have you played? Which ones are you interested in playing? Which ones sound better from our made up descriptions? Let us know in the comments!

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