e104. 5 Victorian Parlour Games for Worldwide Pandemics

If you live anywhere on the planet Earth — and if you’re listening to this podcast, we assume you do — then you’re probably aware that we are currently in the midst of a global pandemic… the worst that the world has seen in at least 100 years. For a large portion of the planet, this also means that like us, you’re currently undergoing a period of isolation and “social-distancing” as all of are trapped in our houses doing everything we can to slow the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic. Basically, we’re all doing our parts to stop this from being a historic “Great Plague.” And if all of that’s true… well, you might be both bored and starved for social interaction. Us too. Luckily VoxPopcast is here for you. And unlike most episodes where we do a deep dive into some aspect of modern pop culture… this week we’re going to go back to the time of the last Great Plague and talk about the kinds games that people played back then. On today’s show Hannah teaches Mav, Katya and our returning guests: Josh, Mary, Charlie, Joe and Andrew all about Victorian era parlour games. Honestly, it’s basically a lot of drinking games and excuses to be kinky… because victorians were actually a bunch of raunchy horny bastards. They also sometimes involved fire. These are the things that people would amuse themselves with at parties in the 19th century. Only this time, Hannah has adapted them all so that we can play them over the internet. And you can too. Join us as we turn back the clock 150 years and play drinking games… from a respectable social distance. Play along, or play with your friends and let us know what you think.

Andrew wearing his napkin of shame.

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