e71. Back to School

There’re two ways that kids learn about college before they go. Either they talk to parents or high school counselors and they learn about all of the hard work and studying and how it’s important to take it seriously and avoid all the horrible dangers of drugs and sex and alcohol that the “bad kids” will try to tempt you with… or they watch movies about college and learn that it’s mostly drugs and sex and alcohol interrupted by an occasional class that probably mostly just gets in the way. The truth is, it’s somewhere in the middle…. and it’s also so much more. But why does no one ever have a nice honest conversation with a high school senior to tell them what to expect? Well, we decided to try that. After all, we’ve gone to college… a LOT. Wayne, Hannah and Mav are joined by fellow educator, Keith Irwin and returning guest, high school student Sophie Hummel to answer her questions about the real college experience, what to expect and how to navigate it both socially and academically… and hopefully give some tips on what you can tell other prospective future students. Give it a listen and let us know your thoughts.

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