e96. Mask Theory

In the 21st century, when we think of masks, we think of superheroes. But the idea of superheroes as a concept is only about a century old. Masks have been around forever. They have a long history in theatre, professional wrestling and costume balls. Beyond that they have a cultural tradition that dates back to ancient times for ceremonial, ritual, religious and professional purposes. Finally, we arguably all wear masks in our every day lives, even when we aren’t thinking about it. Masks are… complicated. On this episode, Wayne and Mav welcome returning guests Stephanie Siler, Meron Langsner and AJ Ortega to discuss not only the history of masks, but also their cultural significance, psychology, and the ways in which they interact with costumes to define personality and performance both real and fictional. This was one of the very first ideas we had for this show, and now… 96 episodes in… we’re finally doing it. So, we definitely want to know your thoughts.

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