e118. #activism

We live in very interesting times. The world around us is changing every day… and with the internet if feels like it’s changing ever rapidly. With everything from #COVID-19 to #BlackLivesMatter to #MeToo to #DefundThePolice to #Resist to #LoveIsLove, the social media sites have given every one of us the ability to advocate for what we believe in by just typing a hashtag. Or has it? Exactly how powerful is the hashtag anyway? How much does it accomplish? How does online activism equate to traditional protests? On this week’s show, Mav and Katya are joined by Josie Rush to talk about the history of and cultural history behind social protests, the effectiveness of hashtag activism and other styles of online viral protests at bringing about cultural change, and what are some of the more effective ways to use the internet to do it. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

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