e137. Think Virtually, Live Locally! Our New Virtual Reality

Ever since the beginning of the COVID-19 global pandemic, people the world over have been forced to spend more time meeting and communicating virtually. As different communities have implemented differing levels of lockdowns, quarantine restrictions, and work from home protocols, and distance learning, life has increasingly taken place over Zoom. Socializing over FaceTime is the new normal. Other technologies have seen increased used to fill the gaps in our socially distant lives. We are living in a virtual reality. But we’re living in a lame one… it’s nothing like the The Matrix, Ready Player One, Nerormancer, Snow Crash or ShadowRun. But could it be? On today’s show, Katya and Mav talk with Caitlyn Meeks, CEO of Tivoli Cloud VR, to talk about the current state of immersive virtual reality, how it can be used in business, education and socialization, and the cultural ramifications of adopting it. What does a future where communication is primarily done through virtual avatars look like and can we look to massive technology shifts of the past to help us? Listen to the episode and give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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