e172. (More Drinking Than Swearing…) The Culture Of Alcohol

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We’ve always had a tag on our show of “the weekly pseudo-academic roundtable with drinking and swearing” but honestly, it’s usually more of the latter. We might be drinking while we record the show, but it really has no bearing on the listener Honestly, the alcohol is usually incidental. Not this week! This week we learn about alcohol… from the experts. Mav and special guest host, Meron Langsner are joined by wine whiskey expert Patrick Marran and wine sommelier Kristen Lee Sergeant to discuss alcohol and the culture surrounding it: everything from tastings to production to the ways in which social class and race are baked in to the enjoyments of it and how the culture of alcohol is similar and different from other pop culture worlds. Join us and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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