Episode 2: Do You Remember Nostalgia?

Today we talk about nostalgia porn. No… not that kind of porn… though I guess it might be interesting to do a whole episode devoted to talking about vintage pornography (“This one’s a talkie!”). This is a whole episode about media that references the past as a key feature of the media. Your Stranger Things. Your Ready Player Ones. Your Star Warses (Star Warsii? Star Waria? I’m still working out the plural there). Why do we love nostalgia and is it destroying our ability to make and enjoy new culture?

Wayne and Mav are joined by Christopher Jeansonne of THE Ohio State University, who teaches a class on criticizing television, for a discussion of  the different types of nostalgia in media and how they affect us as consumers.

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Time Stamps:

  • 0:52: Introduction
  • 3:00: What is Nostalgia Porn and is Ready Player One any good?
  • 7:05: The Easter Egg Hunt
  • 9:00: The Spiritual Homage
  • 17:30: Negative Nostalgia
  • 27:16: Nostalgia as Illness and Streaming as the Cure
  • 39:00: Editing out the Bad Memories
  • 41:55: Franchises and the New Nostalgia
  • 51:30: Reboots and Moving on
  • 54:15: Modern Nostalgia

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