e65. AR Gaming

(Note: an earlier version of this podcast had an audio problem. It has now been corrected. Please redownload if there is an issue) If we’d asked the question “do you play AR games?” five or ten years ago, we’d have a very different answer than we probably do today. It used to be very much a niche hobby…, if it was even big enough to be considered “niche”. After Pokemon Go was released way back in July 2016 (the old days), AR gaming… at the very least with the game, became incredibly commonplace. Now with Wizards Unite specifically trying to drag in Harry Potter fans, it’s getting to the point the it’s almost safer to assume that a person has played some sort of AR game than it is to assume that they have not. But what is an AR game? Katya, Hannah, and Mav invite AR developer and enthusiast Austin Auclair to join them on today’s show to answer that question and discuss what makes an AR game good or bad, successful or unsuccessful, or even useful or not.


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