e98. Experience vs. Consumer Culture

We have a weird question for you. Which would you rather have a free Ferrari or an all expenses paid, one month trip around the world staying in luxury hotels? Ok, what about this one? Would you rather have every 5000 albums or front row tickets to see your favorite band perform at a sold out concert? Would you rather have an expensive luxury meal at a 5 star restaurant or remodel your kitchen? One last one… would you prefer to own a 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Pittsburgh or rent an efficiency apartment in New York City? Wayne and Mav are joined by a returning Meron Langsner and new guest Ayo Osobamiro to discuss “What’s the value of an experience vs ownership of stuff?” The media tells us that we’re in the middle of a transition where the younger generation — those fabled “millennials” — are “rejecting consumerism”, and investing in ephemeral “experiences.” Is this really a new thing? Will this be the death of capitalism as we know it? Or is this just something has been there all along? Listen to the episode and then let us know what you think.

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