Call for Comments: The X-men Syllabus

From Mav: Back when we did our first comics syllabus episode, we went out of our way to make sure that we had a breadth of topics and genres instead of just focusing on superheroes. We wanted to make sure we showed the versatility of comics and not just “here are some superhero stories.” I thought we came up with some really good stuff back then. But one of the things we talked about on that show was that there is an alternate way to do this where instead of doing an overarching survey of the form, we do a deep dive into one specific aspect. Superhero stories would be one way to do this. But another way that I think would be interesting is to do a deep dive into something very specific.. an author or a character. If you were majoring in English Lit in college, you might take a 300-400 level “special topics” class on the works of “William Faulkner” or “Gertrude Stein” or you might take one like adaptations of “Sherlock Holmes” or “Arthurian legends.” We thought it would be fun to build a syllabus for a class like that for our show along those lines, and for the first special topic we came up with: The X-men!

So here’s what we’re looking for: If you were taking or teaching a class on The X-men, what would you expect to be reading or watching? We want to know what you think are the most important storylines and arcs. This can be a certain run of one of the comics. A graphic novel. A film. An episode of one of the TV shows. A novelization. It can be canon or not. It can star any iteration of the team or even just a single character. It can be from any era or any creators. It can be from one of the related properties like the New Mutants, Deadpool or Excalibur. Whatever you’re thinking. Give us your favorite picks and why you think we should consider them. Why is this story important? What does it have to say or teach? Is it notable because of a creator or an aspect of culture it was addressing? What concepts should we absolutely be sure to address? What should definitely be left out? Whatever! Then we’re going to assemble a panel of experts… as we do… and try to whittle it down to a reading syllabus that could be taught over a single semester. Oh, and if you’re a comics teacher or scholar and interested in this episode, definitely let us know.

What are your thoughts?

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