Call for Comments: Marveling Over the Marble League

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From Hannah: Joy, like the Nintendo Switch, has been in short supply throughout 2020. To put it mildly, it’s been a time. A time where a little comfort can go a long way. Enter this podcast’s greatest discovery of 2020: Jelle’s Marble Runs. And the sports series that easily eclipses the Olympics, the Marble League.

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If you’ve listened to our show at all in the past month or so, you’ve probably heard us gush over the most amazing contribution to sports in modern history. While the first Marble League was held in 2016, the Jelle’s Marble Runs YouTube channel received A LOT of attention this year thanks to the Marble League being featured on, and eventually sponsored by, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. (Oliver’s segment on sports and coronavirus is worth watching, especially as the approaching fall college football season continues to pose health risks and exploit athletes … and if conferences are cancelling the season their motives for doing so aren’t exactly benign but that’s a different show. But if you’re interested in these topics, I recommend the podcast The End of Sport.)

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So we’re doing an episode on Marble League, which is wrapping up its season August 16. We are very serious and very excited about this topic! And we’re all cheering for different teams, but despite how they perform the Oceanics are the best because they have that Pisces vibe (Editor Mav: Hannah’s opinions are her own and do not necessarily represent the rest of the VoxPopcast staff… because as well know, Team Galactic 4 Lyf!). We’ll be discussing challenging questions such as: how do you pick your favorite team? Will the Pinkies ever have their day in the sun? Is any team worse to cheer for than the O’rangers? Can any form of entertainment ever top the Marble League in terms of whimsy and wonder?

Tune in and find out! And be sure to tell us your favorite teams and predictions for the end of the season.

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    1. The O’rangers are a family of hardworking orange grove farmers who achieved excellence through consistent hard work. They have overcome challenges including rural origins and the collapse of their original home lead (this is legitimately true origin story content, read the wiki). They came into the league as transplants from a much smaller world and have earned their position.

    2. Chris Maverick if you watch old seasons, I think you’ll find very positive sports-marble-ship from the orangers. They and their fans don’t start fights (unless there is a real example of them starting a fight, in which case I am wrong), and they quietly work and train hard and let results speak for themselves.

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