e130. Freshman Year in Quarantine

Way back at beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown — what seems like a million years ago — we did a special episode where we talked to Tristyn and Sophie, two graduating seniors who had their final year of high school interrupted by the sudden worldwide pandemic that we now all find ourselves still dealing with. On that episode the young women explained to Wayne and Mav what it was like to have this unique experience of basically transitioning to adulthood while essentially being trapped in the same house that you grew up in with your family. At the time both girls were hopeful that things would be back to normal soon enough for them to have a normal college freshman experience in the fall. Obviously that didn’t happen. Tristyn has now begun her freshman year from the same couch on the same laptop she ended high school on and Sophie has decided to take a gap year in hopes of having something of a more normal experience next year. As such, we decided to invite both of them back for this sequel so that they could tell us about what life is like looking at that transition from the other end. Listen and let us know what you think.

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