e133. Comedy of Horrors!

Halloween Season is upon us! As scary as 2020 has been in general, we are finally at the part of the year where we are supposed to be scared… or at least watch a lot of scary movies. But 2020 has been scary enough… and so this year we want to focus on the funny scary movies. But that leads us to a question. What is the connection between comedy and horror. So often horror films are intertwined with comedy, either intentionally, or sometimes… not so much. For whatever reason there seems to be a connection in our minds between what we find funny and what we find frightening. What’s up with that? On today’s show, Hannah, Wayne, and Mav welcome back a trio of returning guests who are highly invested in the horror genre: John Hadlock, Danny Anderson, and Michael Chemers. Join us as we pick apart the link between the horrific and the hilarious and then let us know what you think and what movies we missed in the comments below.

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