e135. Election 2020: So Now What?

As most of our regular listeners are probably aware, the United States had a little election last week. Barely worth mentioning! And in that election Joe Biden and Kamala Harris defeated Donald Trump and Mike Pence for the presidency of the United States. And again, if you’ve listened to more than 10 seconds of our show before, you can probably easily guess where we stand on that. It’s like we’ve been through a long tunnel and — while we aren’t quite out of it yet — after four years we can finally see the light at the end. In a way, it’s almost hard to even remember life before Trumpism anymore… it’s hard to even remember life before 2020 anymore. But on today’s show Mav, Katya and Hannah try to put it all together, share their thoughts on the election and the future, talk a bit about the aftermath of the Trump presidency, and the hopes for a Biden one, and just generally ask the question… Donald Trump has been defeated… so now what?

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