e139. The 22 Reviews of Christmas (Cheesey Christmas 2)

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Christmas movies have been a seasonal spectacle almost as long as there have been movies. A couple years ago, we did an episode speaking to the recent trend of Lifetime, Hallmark and now even Netflix creating a a veritable factory of streaming Christmas content. Those films were aimed at viewers who simply love delightful feel good melodrama. But now, in 2020, streaming content is all any of us have. The networks have not let us down. From cookie cutter franchise films like the Christmas Prince and the Godwink Christmas, to attempts to reinvent the genre with Happiest Season and Holidate, the streamers are there for us.

On today’s episode, Mav and Hannah welcome returning guests Josh Stroud, and Mary and Charlie Bell to review some cheesey more Christmas movies. ALL OF THEM! Well, at least all fo the ones we can get to in an hour or so. On today’s show we discuss the trends in recent streaming holiday movies as well as the ways in which filmmakers are trying to push and break the formula. What makes a Christmas movie cheesey? How important is diversity in a Christmas film? What do they really say about society? Can you mix a christmas romcom theme with the Bachelor? Is Vanessa Hudgens secretly every woman on the planet? Is Dolly Parton a a vengeful but benevolent diety controlling our destiny? Join us as we discuss the weirdest ad quirkiest Christmas movies that have come out in the last couple years.

Did you see any of these movies? Do you disagree? Did we miss any good ones? Let us know in the comments!

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