Call for Comments: What did we miss this time?

needle in a haystack

From Mav: Way back at the end of 2019… you know, so like 47 years ago, we did a year in review show that we called “what did you miss?”. The idea was, rather than just reviewing the year and talking about the huge things in pop culture, we would cover the things that we personally enjoyed, but which may not have been super huge! Everything was all popular culture. We looked at books, movies, tv shows, games and even music. However, instead of looking at blockbusters, we looked at things that maybe had some critical acclaim, or maybe none at all… but we thought YOU should have checked it out.

Well, we’re doing it again. Only this time it might be even weirder. Given that 2020, only had like two months of regular pop culture releases and then everything became about the pandemic, or ignoring the pandemic. A lot of streaming content had it’s moment in the sun because everyone was bored. How the hell was Tiger King THIS YEAR?!?!? There were a few big hits, but most of us were just fending for ourselves when it came to content.

So, what did we miss? What are the needles in the 2020 haystack? Why? What did you watch, read or listen to that didn’t get the play than it should? Is there something that would have made a bigger splash if we weren’t all so concerned with staying alive? Or, maybe you have a recommendation that would have been a hidden gem anyway. Let us know so we can check it out before we record our year in review.

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  1. This is my obligatory plug for the cultural event known as Blaseball which took the gaming world by storm back in like… August.

    Granted, that’s not exactly JUST media, but… it’s a really great example of a “pop up” fandom.

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