e169. The Subtle & Sophisticated Highbrow Culture of The Fast & The Furious

Episode artwork featuring cast of the Fast & the Furious 9

Movies are back! After a year and a half of almost total dormancy, movies came back to the American box office, and filmgoers were welcome with the very sophisticated and cultured experience of F9: The Fast Saga, the latest installment of Fast & Furious franchise. Many are joking about it, but many others are just happy to finally have a movie in theaters to go to. On today’s episode, Mav and Katya officially welcome our newest permanent cohost Monica Geraffo to the show as we break down and analyze not only the newest film, but the entire series starting with The Fast & The Furious and try to make the case that it is more than just a frivolous popcorn movie, but is in fact an extremely important, progressive and forward thinking piece of high art and a cultural artifact that will be remembered and studied for centuries as it depicts a complex narrative world that makes a clever aspirational plea for racial and gender diversity through a restructured non-toxic endearing and loving homosocial masculinity that incorporates the familial domesticity traditionally associated with femininity and is ultimately wholly decoupled from gender norms. Yes, we’re serious! Also there are fast cars and ‘splosions! So join us in welcoming Monica on full-time and let us know if you agree with our thoughts in the comments below.

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