Call for Comments: WTF Is Up With Eternals?

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From Hannah: Marvel’s newest movie — Eternals for those of you who don’t care about the MCU — debuts this weekend. And it’s making headlines for being first in a lot of things in terms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (some way more important than others). Critics don’t seem to love Marvel’s latest entry, at least when you judge Eternals’s scores on Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Although, frankly, there are many, many reasons to not let an aggregate score determine whether or not you should see a movie. (I’ve complained at length on, or at least about, our Box Office shows about why critic opinions are overblown, in fact.)

Also, frankly, I refuse to believe a movie in the MCU will ever been as boring and bland as Thor: The Dark World.

In fact, the strange critical responses to the film make me even more eager to see it. As media coverage has point out, Eternals was always a weird property to adapt (you know, as opposed to Ant-Man), which made it interesting, but now it feels even more so.

I’ve always been excited about the cast and scope … and it’s finally arriving in theaters this weekend. Are you going? Did the critical response change your interest in the movie, either for better or worse? Are you unsurprised we’re going back to talking about the MCU? Once you’ve seen the film, let us know what you think (although please hide any spoilers in the comments)!

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  1. Haven’t seen it yet, but it’s weird property to adapt for MCU. The comic was much more interesting before it was part of the Marvel universe. If the Eternals are supposed to be the inspiration for Earth’s gods and demons, how do they work in a world that has real gods and demons?

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