e234. Games4SocialImpact

On this week’s show we’re doing something a little different. As part of Mav’s new job he was asked if he was asked to volunteer as a faculty advisor and judge for the University of Pittsburgh’s Games4SocialImpact event this last weekend. Games4SocialImpact is a 2-day student game jam design competition based around the idea of socially conscious gaming. Teams of 1-5 students compete to design a complete playable game from scratch over the course of the weekend. The games are intended to highlight a randomly chosen theme with a social message that is chosen at the beginning of the game. On this week’s special episode, Mav interviews several of the students who competed in the event as well as some of his colleagues who served as his fellow advisors. Join us as we talk about the importance and impact of socially conscious gaming as well as the students explain what their games do. Then head on over to the event’s itch.io page where you can view and/or download the games and play them yourself. Then let us know what you think in the comments.

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