e260. Why Do We ♥ Stories Where Old People Still ƒµ¢&?

episode art work with Old People Love/Sex roles.

The thing with Hollywood is that it’s a young people’s game. Or at least that’s what we say. And it’s true, the majority of big budget starring roles are for actors in their 20s and 30s. And the more you age out of that demographic, certainly the less marketably you seem to be. Sadly, this is especially true for female performers. However, at the same time there has long been a trend of movies and tv shows with the basic premise of “Lead Character may be old, but they still want to fall in love/have sex.” This premise is so popular that Jane Fonda is playing that basic part in three separate movies this year. And good for her! But why is this premise so popular? How old is old anyway? Why is it usually an older character with a younger one in a weird power dynamic narrative rather than two age appropriate mates? And why, when it does happen, is the story generally focused around the “gimmick” that “hey, these are old people”? On today’s episode Monica, Mav, and Wayne talk it out as we analyze a veritable menagerie of movies and tv shows where old people still ƒµ¢&! Listen and let us know your thoughts.

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