e261. PCA2023 After Dark!

episode artwork for PCA2023 featuring the Witcher, Penthouse Comix and [un]Divine

After two years being held virtually, and a cancelled conference in 2020, the Popular Culture Association returned to in person conferences for PCA2023. There were some good notes (Mav won a major award for his doctoral dissertation) and some bad notes (Mav ended up catching COVID during the trip) but along the way there was a lot of good academic fun. As is tradition, Mav hosted a recording of a VoxPop episode in his room, but since this was a smaller conference than usual, we didn’t have as big a turn out. No matter, the conversation was quite fun. So listen here and you will see Mav joined by friends of the show Ayanni Cooper (of the Sex, Love and Literature podcast) and Matthew Brake (of Pop Culture and Theology) as they discuss their PCA2023 presentations on The Witcher, Penthouse Comix, and [un]Divine Hot Day. as well as a discussion of politics, philosophy and sex (it all fits together, we swear) and as a bonus, you’ll get to hear both Mav and Ayanni’s presentations for yourself and a recap of Matt’s. It’ll be just like you were there. Listen and let us know what you think.

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