e275. Concert Amnesia and the Power of Flashbulb Memory

If you live on planet Earth right now, you might have noticed that Taylor Swift is touring. Her concerts are selling out even though tickets prices are out of control. Is it worth it? that’s a whole different show! However, some recent articles have implied that many young Swifties are experiencing a weird phenomenon. Concert Amnesia. Even after spending a bajillion dollars to go see TayTay and screaming their lungs out for several hours… the next day they can’t really remember any details of the 3-hour show they just went to. It sounds disturbing, but why? On today’s episode, Wayne and Mav are joined by cognitive psychologist Stephanie Siler to learn about how memory works and why it would be effected both positively and negatively by things like concerts, movies and books, as well as other memorable events like newsworthy tragedies like 9/11, space shuttle Explosions (did you remember there were two?), assassinations of public figures, or important personal events (wedding, funeral, first kiss, loss of virginity). Listen as we take a literal stroll down memory lane and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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