e284. Making the Band of Theseus

How many members of a musical band need to present to make the band the band. Is it different if a member dies than it is if a member simply quits or is kicked out? If a band splits exactly in two, are both halfs still the band or does one half become the band and the other half is something else. If you slowly replace each member over time such that eventually none of the original members exist is the band still the band? Is the band the music, the members, a combination of the two or something ethereal that none of this can really capture? On this week’s episode, Mav and Wayne are joined by returning guest Jehnie Burns to break it all down. Why are Joy Division and New Order different but there are multiple viable versions of P-Funk, The Sweet, or Yes? What do we do about bands that really are effectively one person like Nine Inch Nails or Alice Cooper? What about when the members disagree on who the real band is? Listen as we try to work it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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