e301. Is Saltburn A Good Movie?

episode artwork featuring the cast of Saltburn

It’s no surprise that the US movie box office hit something of a slump last year. With few exceptions (ahem #Barbenheimer) most tried and true tentpole blockbusters underperformed (perhaps not as bad as most people claim, but that’s another issue). At the same time, in the last couple weeks we’ve had one of these weird random occasions where an artsy, complicated, low-budget Oscar contender has sort of hit the cultural zeitgeist… at least enough to get some trends going on social media. Saltburn a new film from writer/director Emerald Fennell came out of seemingly nowhere at the end of the year and has been slowly building some buzz this award season. And Monica loves it! But is it a good movie? Well, to find out she got Mav and Hannah and first time guest, UCLA film studies PhD student Eric Pitz to watch Saltburn so that we could break it down and analyze it.

Did you see Saltburn? What did you think? Or if you didn’t, are you more or less intrigued by it after hearing our discussion? Let us know in the comments.

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