Episode 15: Cinematic Violence & the Impossible Body

Remember that one fight in the Matrix that kicked ass? Wait, those all kicked ass. What about that fight in Kill Bill that kicked ass? Actually those all kicked ass too. Well what about that one time that Bruce Lee… Ok so I guess when you think about it, a lot of movie fights kick ass. Why is that? Well, today we figure it out. Wayne and Mav are joined by Meron Langsner, Mav’s one time karate instructor and a professional fight choreographer and drama scholar, and Impact Wrestling’s DJZ, Mav’s one time tag team partner (yes, Mav was a professional wrestler… no really) as they try to disect exactly what it is that makes fighting and violence so fun to watch on screen and why often, the more ridiculous the violence, the better. We also might help Wayne with a bully he had in the fifth grade.

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  1. Please tell me you talk about John Wick because I can’t stop watching John Wick and I need to know why it’s so enthralling! Can’t wait to listen to this one.

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