Episode 23: Comic Studies-301: Course Syllabus

When everyone knows that you are a comics geek, it turns out people ask you quite often “so what should I be reading?” When your job is literally “be a comics geek” or moreover “teach other people to be a comics geek” then you get this question pretty much constantly. Since Wayne and Mav are both currently teaching college level comics classes (that are quite different from each other) we thought it would be neat to design a comics course for the show. But, so many of our listeners are already comic that it doesn’t make sense to just do a comics “Intro” class… so why not make a more advanced course? On this super-sized show, we are joined by a Who’s Who of the Official Guide to the Comics Educators (Deluxe Edition) from around the country including, Chris Gavaler, Joseph Darowski, A. David Lewis, and a returning Nicole Freim as we debate the books that you should be reading to further your well-rounded comics education.

Which have you read? Do you agree with our picks? Why or why not? Let us know. And let us know if you end up picking up one of these on our recommendation and what you think.

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