e38. 2019 Box Office Draft

Do you think we can review every movie coming out next year… before we’ve seen any of them… with no real knowledge…. in one hour? Well, just you wait! Welcome to the 2019 Box Office Draft Special! Back before we started this show, Mav decided that no matter what he wanted to steal the yearly fantasy game that our friends over at The Protagonist Podcast play. It works like this: Before New Years, the hosts take turns drafting movies that are scheduled to be released in the next year in a fantasy snake draft. Scoring works by taking the US domestic box office for each film multiplied by the Rotten Tomatoes critic score percentage. Money can only be earned in 2019, so any films that come out at the end of the year only count the money that they have amassed by December 31st. Then, throughout the year we will periodically check in to see who has amassed the highest total.

This is the draft special. Each of the four hosts (Mav, Wayne, Katya and Hannah) drafts fifteen films and tries to explain why they made each pick by reviewing a movie that they not only haven’t seen yet, but in many cases, probably hasn’t yet completed production. They’re joined by Mav’s wife Stephanie who is acting as draft coordinator and referee and who totally promises not to cheat… at least not to help Mav.

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    1. Chris Maverick I can totally see why you wanted to do this episode – the whole time I was like yep, yep, that’s a lock, there’s that one, but Hannah’s right, Solo’s BO failings wouldn’t effect Episode IX – the divisiveness of Last Jedi however…

    2. I don’t think Star Wars IX is a bad pick… honestly, I wanted it… but I wanted it a round later… and just started getting worried so took it a little earlier than I had it slotted, thus sacrificing the elegance of my draft.

      that said, in my totally unscientific pseudo scientific prediction metrics spreadsheet (yes, I had one that I was looking at during drafting), I’m looking for it to clear $500M in 11 days… with a 91% RT for $455M fantasy bucks…

      that puts it at 3rd on my projections list for what I got… right between Lion King and Frozen 2… which is where I picked it.

    3. I kind of just picked stuff at random.:-) That’s mostly true. I made a list, and got lucky with Avengers just because I got to go first. As we recorded strategies started coming together. I certainly didn’t have a spread sheet with prediction metrics. I feel pretty good about my choices though.

    4. Chris Maverick I mean, you took both Star Wars IX and Frozen 2, which were my next picks, so that was a fair move. But I paid you back by stealing almost all of your next picks for the rest of the draft so…

    5. Oh, totally… my favorite part of the show is me yelling “Dammit!” after all of your picks for the rest of the show… draft day is the most fun day of any fantasy sport… Especially in a game like this, where there’s no trading…

      which makes me think…. The Protagonist Podcast… have you guys ever considered having trading? I guess it doesn’t work as well with only two players… but I could totally see it being a thing in a bigger league.

    6. Oh, the Tyler Perry pick was just gold! I actually had it last on my list because my plan was to pick it last no matter what. Especially once I realized I’d be picking 4th and therefore would have the absolute last pick…

      I had this whole thing where I was going to talk about Mr. Irrelevants (the name for the last pick in a draft…) and how it was going to be a massive steal… and I knew full well that it wasn’t actually going to turn into anything, I just thought it would be a fun comedic moment for the show…

      But it was even better for you to just take it from me!

    7. Chris Maverick I thought your favorite part of the show was the fact that absolutely no one chose Dark Phoenix. Either way, I think all of us stand by that decision.

    8. speaking from the woman who’s catch phrase is “oh, that movie is the worst… and that one is also the worst”

      But fine… the best recurring line is me saying “dammit” after each of your picks. The best single line is “Hey, has anyone picked Dark Phoenix yet? No, ok… I pick Chaos Walking”

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