e50. Are You What You Wear?

Somewhere along the line, when they were making the show The Big Bang Theory, someone said “hey, this guy is a geek. Put him in comic book T-shirts, and everyone will know.” And then wardrobe was done with Sheldon. Next they decided to dress Penny and they said “Umm, she’s a hot actress. Make sure she shows some boob.” And done again. Whether we try to or not, we often judge people by their appearance. After all, it’s the first impression we generally get with a new person. From nerd T-shirts, to business casual, to formal evening wear and even to sexy lingerie…. we use clothing to communicate. For better or worse, we use it both to announce ourselves as members of a sub-culture AND as a gatekeeping measure to keep others out of the sub-culture… something any number of women who have ever had to try to justify their own superhero t-shirt at a comic book store can attest to. Mav, Katya and Wayne are joined by a returning Nicole Freim to discuss the idea communication through fashion, both in real life and how it is translated into its online equivalent, profile avatars.

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  1. I didn’t think to mention it on the episode and I probably should have. But when Nicole Freim was talking about what the clothing her students wear implies, we should have talked about Victoria’s Secret successfully marketing “Pink” as a lifestyle brand.. Essentially they managed to make it cool to advertise what kind of underwear you have on on a sweatshirt.

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