e62. Comics! You know… for the Kids!

Did you know comic books used to be produced almost entirely for children? Yeah! It’s true. Ok, maybe you did know that, but there was a time in America where given the popular idea of what a comic book was, that was hard to believe. Of course, there was also a time in America where it was hard for many people to believe that comics could ever possibly be for adults. On this week’s episode Mav, Hannah and Wayne are joined by Terry Lee to discuss both how and why that changed as well as why is it good for kids to read comics in the first place. Oh, and of course we talk about how to figure out what comics your kids should be reading. Complete with suggestions from experts… meaning, actual kids!

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    1. Lynn Thomas Holly they’re mentioned and thanked during the episode. They just don’t have links in the show notes because none of them had anything to link to.

  1. Wait, you can’t buy kids at a store? I could’ve sworn that was the purpose of The Children’s Place?

    Also that store was amazing when I was an 80s kid. You entered by crawling through a carpeted hole next to the door then ran around a playground that had a little cubby hole with a TV. My local one played Woody Woodpecker on an endless loop.

    1. Steve Shaffer There is indeed a Once Upon a Time comic series (it’s like two issues?). Still waiting for Fables to get its own TV series, even though there is, of course, a development history with NBC and ABC before they decided to do “original” shows instead.

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