e68. Parallel Media

You ever notice that thing that happens when a movie studio releases a movie and then another studio releases a movie with pretty much the exact same premise at the same time and they’re so close to each other that it seems like neither could have copied from the other? It happens a lot! What are some of the best examples? How do you decide which one to see? How many times should you see and asteroid try to destroy the earth… or watch two friends have a casual sexual relationship? What retrospective about disco is the right one to watch? Which historic biopic about the same guy is best? Why? How do you decide? How does that happen anyway? What does it say about the world today that no less than three different movie studios think our children are obsessed with yetis and sasquatches? No really! And just what exactly is a giant sized man thing? Mav, Wayne and Hannah are joined by a returning Stephanie Siler to celebrate Mav’s birthday and talk about the concept of parallel media and review some of our favorite examples and talk about why the phenomenon exists.

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