e87. Sentimentalism: Punching Them in the Feels

As we move toward the holiday season, there is one thing for certain that we will see: more and more cheesy Christmas movies. You know the type… they’re on Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, and Netflix. Romantic stories about someone giving something up but then discovering the true meaning of Christmas is family or love or something… and then everyone watching gets to have a good cry. We did a whole show about them last year! But why are movies like this popular? Well, it’s not just Christmas movies… Why are sentimental heavy handed movies like this so popular? Actually, it’s not even just movies. It’s books, and songs and… all media. Why is that we like stories that tug at our heart strings and “punch us in the feels?” On today’s show, Mav and Hannah welcome returning guests Marcel Walker and Stephanie Siler to talk all about sentimentalism. What is it? How does it work? Is it good or bad? Join us as we take a journey from Charles Dickens, to Mr. Rogers and from Ernest Hemmingway to Louis Armstrong and somehow, along the way… Tootie on The Facts of Life. Give it a listen and let us know if you agree.

(by the way, sorry the episode is late. We had some server problems. Thank you for bearing with us. Things should be fixed now, but if you see any weirdness on the feed, please let us know)

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