e86. Good Things We Hate

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Taste is a funny thing. Whether it’s books, movies, tv shows, music, sports teams, food… whatever. We take our tastes personally. When we enjoy something we want other people to enjoy it too. We try to share it with the people we care about; we even try to share it with strangers. And when people don’t like something that we do like… we take it very personally. Think about every time you’ve seen someone complaining that critics gave a movie they like a bad rating. There’s the inevitable claim that the crisis are colluding with studios. Everyone is on the take. Because we know that THIS movie “is for the real fans!” Because the alternative is that maybe you just like something that someone else doesn’t. And if they thing you like isn’t actually “good” well, that means you have bad taste… and that can be devastating. Except that begs and interesting question: What is taste anyway? On this episode Hannah, Wayne, Mav and Katya get together to discuss the ideas of “taste” and “criticism.” What are they? Why so many critics agree on how important certain things are? What does it mean to disagree? Is it possible to know that something is “good” and not like it anyway? Why does Katya hate Halo? Why does Wayne hate the Office? Why does Hannah hate the Shining? Why does Mav hate avocados? Ok, Mav’s right on that last one. And you can tell because he’s the one that gets to write the show notes. Join us, listen and let us know your thoughts.

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