e88. Yes, Internet, There is a Santa Claus

Christmas time is nearly upon us and that means… well, actually it means a lot of things. Maybe to you Christmas is about family, or love, or religion, or presents. Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas at all. But one thing is for sure this time of year… you can’t escape Santa Claus. He’s everywhere. Santa is on TV, in movies, in songs, in parades, in advertisements. He’s in parades. He’s hanging out in front of shopping centers and malls. For the month of December it’s hard to go outside without tripping over Santa. But Santa has changed over the years. He’s gone from being an actual saint to a myth to a lovable cartoon character to the butt of a joke. For some people Santa may be just plain evil. Mav, Hannah and Wayne are joined by folklorist and Santa Claus expert Daniel Peretti to talk about the history and cultural significance of Santa Claus and related characters from Krampus, to Elf on the Shelf to the incredible Yule Cat. Join us as we discuss Santa’s transformation from legend to pop culture icon and finally bastion of late stage capitalism and then let us know what you think.

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  1. In regards to the Yule cat and the Yule lads: there used to be more than 13 Yule lads but the Icelandic government felt things were getting out of hand and officially limited them to 13.

    You can listen to a recounting of the Icelandic story on a recent episode of the Tales podcast from Parcast: https://www.parcast.com/tales

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