Call For Comments: So, what did we miss?

It’s the end of the year. And now is the time when all good podcasts start compiling their year in review “Best of” episodes. We wanted to do something a little different here at VoxPopcast. Since we talk about pop culture every week, rather than just say what our favorite things are, we’d like to devote an episode to talk about the “best things people missed.” In other words, we know people are fans of Watchmen. We know that everyone is looking forward to Star Wars. We know people loved Endgame. BUT, what is the best stuff that came out in 2019 that was NOT a big deal. This can be a book, a movie, a tv show, a comic book, an album, a video game… pretty much anything. What are your favorite things that came out in 2019? What are the best things that came out in 2019 that you think a lot of people missed?

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  1. First thought that comes to mind is that Amazon saved The Expanse from cancellation and its first Amazon season just premiered. Best sci-fi on TV [or streaming] right now, IMO. Great performances, mind provoking and gripping at the same time.

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