e100. Hollywood vs. FanCasting

Think about your favorite book, video game, or comic. Who do you think should play the protagonist in the movie? Chances are you have a pretty good idea. Chances are also that if someone already has adapted your favorite character into a film, they didn’t pick your perfect choice. Maybe it turned out great, maybe not, but either way, you know that somehow your choice would have been better. Or maybe you don’t have any idea. Or maybe Hollywood did choose right. Maybe, somehow, against all odds, they even changed YOUR mind about the way you saw the character before. On today’s show, Mav and Wayne are joined by returning guests Stephanie Siler and Matthew Brake to talk about the way we cast actors in our head canon for our favorite stories and the tension that creates when we compare it to whatever happened when movie adaptations went against our expectations. Give it a listen and let us know what you think! And as per Wayne’s request at the end of the episode, don’t forget to fan cast the hosts of our show.

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