e164. Why Do We Love Plot Twists?

Episode artwork with some of the biggest plot twist media

On today’s episode we reveal that secretly this geeky little pop culture show was always actually about education and academic all along. Did you pick up on the clues we’ve been laying out for three years? Ok, maybe that one isn’t much of a plot twist, but what about the fact that one of Hannah is a sociopathic murderer, Wayne was an ancient space alien and Mav has been dead all along? Maybe that’s a little too much. What’s the happy medium? Why do some plot twists work where others fail? Why do we love plot twists anyway? OR DO WE!?!?!? Dun dun dunnnnn!!! 🎶

This week Mav, Hannah and Wayne are joined by returning guest Nicole Freim to discuss the nature of plot twists in fiction. Seriously, why do we love plot twists? Some filmmakers, like M. Night Shyamalan are entirely defined by them. Why do we crazy shocking narrative swerves and what makes some work better or worse than others and how are they used effectively and ineffectively and what are some of our favorite and least favorite examples? Listen and let us know what your favorites and least favorites are in the comments below.

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