Call for Comments: It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (For Cheesy Movies)

From Hannah: Thanksgiving is officially over, so we can finally, finally indulge in the sentimental, silly, and surprising seasonal specials that channels like Hallmark have made a holiday staple and streaming services like Netflix have, perhaps, perfected. Mav and I have made no secret of our love for these amazing works of art in past episodes (especially our first and second Christmas specials). And, much like our favorite Netflix series The Princess Switch, we’re happy to record our third Voxpopcast episode on the subject this year.

While last year, we examined frankly indescribable films such as Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square (seriously, you’ll never see a wilder movie with wilder politics) and the now classic Princess Switch 2, this year holiday offerings include A Castle for Christmas (I never knew I needed Cary Elwes playing a grumpy Scottish duke until this film) and The Princess Switch 3 (it’s a HEIST MOVIE).

And, perhaps most importantly, we’ll answer the question is Disney+’s Hawkeye a Christmas story?

What are you watching this year? What movies are you excited about (either because they’re supremely good or supremely … bad-good)? And, finally, who has the more complicated universe: the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the Netflix Christmas Movie Universe?

Note to Netflix: Mav and I are still waiting on The Knight Before Christmas/Princess Switch crossover for 2022.


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