e212. Pour Some Gritty On It!

There’s no shortage of movies, TV shows, comics and other media that are “gritty reboots” of older series or property. Sometimes these are official reboots, like the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica or like Riverdale, the greatest show on television. Other times, these are conceptual reimaginings, sharing a thematic inspiration but being given the gritty treatment. It’s certainly a common trend, but it left his with a weird question… just what is a gritty reboot anyway? What makes something “gritty?” On today’s episode, Mav, Hannah and Wayne are joined by returning guest Corinne Matthews of the Sex, Love and Literature podcast to discuss the concept of gritty literature, what is it, and why is it good or bad or even popular. Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Just finished listening to this episode and I’m left with a thought – is gritty an aesthetic/vibe or is gritty just a comparative adjective. For instance, intentionally picking slightly ridiculous comparisons, is The Smurfs grittier than My Little Pony, or Rainbow Brite grittier than Strawberry Shortcake. Or does there have to be an element of the narrative having a dark tone featuring sex and violence in order to be gritty? Certainly everything discussed in the episode as gritty I agree is gritty, but I also noticed that it seemed that everything was also gritty in comparison to something else. Can something be gritty in absolute isolation?

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