e215. Taboo Teen TV Tropes

Does it bother you when you’re watching your favorite steamy teen drama on TV and they add a formulaic subplot about two step siblings who suddenly fall in love. What about when you see a plot line where a student has an affair with their teacher or some other older adult? How about when there’s a plot line about teen pregnancy? How about teen STDs? What about on TV shows NOT about teens? Are you bothered by formulaic plot contrivances there? Why is it that on every TV show with an ensemble cast no one ever has a long term relationship outside of the core cast? These are all common TV tropes that pervade TV (and other media). And they’re tropes that viewers and readers complain about to no end. So why do they keep happening? On this week’s episode, Mav and Monica are joined by returning guest Katlin Shuherk to talk all about Taboo Teen TV Tropes and why they’re used so often. Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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