e221. Exploring the World of Stranger Things

It’s always odd when we hit on one of those episode ideas where we feel like “obviously we’ve done like half a dozen shows on this topic over the years” and we stop and we look and it turns out that no, we’ve never really talked about it at all. Stranger Things is one of those topics. It’s a show that we love. In fact it’s a show that some host of this particular podcast might even be obsessed with. And so, with the fourth season of the show concluding this week, we thought it’d be a good time to finally sit down and analyze it. So on this week’s episode, Hannah, Mav, and Wayne are joined by returning guests Andrew Darowski, Josh Stroud and Stephanie Siler to talk all things Stranger Things.What do we love about the show? Why do we think it is so popular? What makes it work and not work and why is it such a cultural phenomenon. Join us as we break down this season and the previous three. Obviously spoilers abound, but we try to give you a warning when it happens. In any case, listen and let us know if you agree with our thoughts.

Josh’s USS Butterscotch recreation

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