Call for Comments: A League of Their Own

From Hannah: I love baseball.

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, A League of Their Own (the 1992 film) means a lot to me — and I’m not alone in this. But as much as I think the 1992 film is one of those “great films,” Amazon Prime’s new television version may be just as important. The new series (which is fully available to stream on Prime) isn’t a retelling of the same stories; we certainly are able to get more of the history of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League here.

It’s so good. You should all watch it — and I’m so excited it’s opening up a broader conversation about the history of women in baseball (something co-creators Will Graham on Twitter demonstrated was integral to their development process for the show and Abbi Jacobson in interviews have discussed). To echo many, many, many reviews of the show: the representation in this series is so important, and I want for us to talk about why … and why A League of Their Own (2022) is so great.

So if you haven’t seen the new series, I highly recommend you start the pilot … and then tell us your thoughts about the series! Or, if you happen to have seen the movie and the show and also know of other resources where people can learn more about the history of women in baseball, let us know!

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