e236. Is The Rocky Horror Picture Show a Bad Movie?

If you’ve been following the show the last several weeks then you know we’ve started a series where we have been looking at some of our favorite controversial movies and trying to convince you of the value of them as great films. It’s also October, so we wanted to get some Halloween content in for “spooky season.” Well, this week we’re combining both of those goals as Wayne and Mav are joined by returning guests and friends of the show Michael Chemers and Nicole Freim to talk about one of Wayne’s favorite films, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and ask is that a bad movie?

In a way, this is a more complicated question than it was with our previous “is this a bad movie” episodes. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is lauded as a cult classic BECAUSE of its B-movie status. in a lot ways “being bad” is sort of the point. But is there more than that. Wayne contends that in many ways, it’s “not a bad movie” and Chemers says that Rocky Horror “isn’t really a movie at all.” On this week’s show we talk all about the history of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, its rise to cultural relevance and its subsequent decline. Listen and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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